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L.A. City Mayor Richard Riordan (ret.):

  • "I am excited to endorse Nick Melvoin for School Board. I have known Nick for years and always admired his dedication to public service. Based on his time teaching in Watts, Nick understands the challenges our students face and he has the vision we need to improve our schools. When I ran for Mayor, my motto was "tough enough to turn LA around." I am supporting Nick because I believe he is tough enough to turn LAUSD around."

Here's what some parents, teachers, and community members are saying about Nick!

Kip Morales, LA public school teacher:

  • "As a recent district-wide teacher of the year, I declare that Nick is awesome. He has worked tirelessly on creating state and local education policy and advocating for best practices in education, especially for underserved students and for underrepresented teachers. Nick knows education and knows policy, but more importantly he knows what parents, students, and teachers are crying out for: support. The LAUSD School Board needs new, experienced blood to solve the dismal graduation rates, lack of highly effective and master teachers, lack of student safety, and near bankruptcy status. Yes, the Board is responsible for the conditions of our students, teachers, and schools, so if you are ready for supported students, supported teachers, and supported schools, vote Nick. I am."

Susan Hughes, Parent, Broadway Elementary School:

  • "I am supporting Nick Melvoin because he recognizes that the factors facing our schools, students, and families today are complex and connected. He asks questions and thinks through to the roots of a challenge, and he arrives at 21st century solutions. Instead of stopping at the barriers, he looks to find creative ways to remove the barriers and to get to the goal. He looks to those who have successfully gone before him in planning for his own success in the endeavors he undertakes. He consciously avoids pitting side-again-side, but instead focuses on solutions that bring all sides to the table. This is the kind of person I want making decisions for my kids and for all of the kids in Los Angeles."

Mary Leigh Cherry, LAUSD Parent:

  • "I am supporting Nick because LAUSD is not functioning and he has positive and innovative ideas for change that start at the level of students, parents and teachers."

Courtney Paulson, LAUSD Parent:

  • "This decision should not be about voting pro or anti-charter or pro or anti-union. This decision should be about voting pro-child and pro-teacher. I believe Nick Melvoin has the best interests of both our kids and our teachers in mind. That is why I am pro-Nick Melvoin."

Ninkey Dalton, Palisades Resident:

  • "Nick is what we need in Los Angeles to re-work a broken system. His dedication to public service and compassion for the education of children in a city that he was raised in is driven by passion and a strong desire to produce change. Education is the foundation upon which change can take place. Pick Nick for School Board and invest in the future of tomorrow."

Drew Karimlou, Instructional Coach, Synergy Academies:

  • "Nick has a vision that can change LAUSD for the better and a character that we know will work tirelessly to implement that vision."