Kids first, for a change. 

I'm running for School Board to put kids first, to make sure our students learn from the best teachers and to fight inequality in our schools.

Throughout my entire career, I have fought for our city’s schoolchildren. As a public school teacher in Watts, I taught English to some of our most under-served kids. As an education advocate, I fought for students to get the highest-quality teachers, regardless of seniority. And as a member of the School Board, I will continue this fight. I will:

·       Ensure local control of schools so communities can make decisions that work for them.

·       Bring much-needed accountability to the School Board with increased transparency and better communication.

·       Cut bureaucratic red tape to help teachers and principals innovate and collaborate.

·       Give parents options to choose the right school for their child.

·       Recruit and support our teachers to ensure every child has an effective educator.



Nick has spent his career fighting for our city's schoolchildren, as a teacher, attorney, advocate, and organizer.

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