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Kids first, for a change. 

Thank you.

Together, we took the first step towards charting a new course for LA’s students! I am excited to represent our community on the Los Angeles Unified School Board.

I am humbled by your incredible support. This grassroots campaign has always been about putting kids first and our success is a signal that parents, teachers, and the larger community are ready to fight for our kids. Thank you to everyone who voted, volunteered, or contributed to my campaign—you made this win possible.

Change starts now. Our kids deserve it.

So, let’s get to work! I want to hear from you—about how to provide families with high-quality options and support teachers and school leaders, and about what solutions our schools need. I know that, together, we can do better for kids.

Thank you again for your tireless support. I am thrilled to get started on improving education in Los Angeles for our students.

With deep appreciation,



Nick has spent his career fighting for our city's schoolchildren, as a teacher, attorney, advocate, and organizer.

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