Kids first, for a change. 

I believe in the power of public education to change lives. It did for my family when they first came to this country and it did for many of the LAUSD students I taught in Watts. But public education in Los Angeles is broken. Too many of our kids attend failing schools. Too many of our families are left without options. Instead of partnering with parents to ensure children get the best education they can, the district bureaucracy stands in the way of parents and impedes the progress individual schools are making. Instead of making decisions on behalf of kids, district bureaucracy thinks first of its own adults.  

Our city is the creative capital of the world, and it's time we have a school district that befits the incredible talents of our students and families. I’m running for school board because as a teacher, attorney, organizer and advocate, I’ve seen what can happen when we put kids first. I’ve seen the innovation that’s possible in public education and think it’s past time we see it here in LA. 

I hope you’ll join me in the fight to help ensure every family in this city has high-quality school options and that every child in Los Angeles has the opportunity to attain an excellent education.



Nick has spent his career fighting for our city's schoolchildren, as a teacher, attorney, advocate, and organizer.

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